Someone once asked me what I was most passionate about and while I have many passions, my number one passion is people. I love hearing people’s stories, being a part of their journey, and holding their hand along the way. I love that weddings are a celebration of two people’s lives and stories joining together as one. Growing up I was always the friend that planned the holiday parties or get togethers and enjoyed the ability to throw some pretty decorations up, put something yummy on the stove, and celebrate with the people you love. Being a bride myself has taught me so much about patience and how it takes a true village. Getting my degree in Theatre taught me about the ability to take the lead while also being a part of a team, which is so important when helping couples plan their special day! Some of my favorite things include movies, walks with my fiancé and great pyrenees pup, theatre, and flannels with a nice pair of jeans. I am so honored to be working with Harmony Weddings and I can’t wait to meet new couples and help them plan the wedding of their dreams!

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