Certified Wedding Planner

I was raised in upstate New York, lived internationally for over 15 years, and have since relocated to Carrboro with my family. I quickly fell in love with the warm southern spirit of North Carolina. When I think of what I love doing most, it always involves working with people, particularly in achieving a common goal, which is why helping couples bring to life their wedding dreams is such a fulfilling task for me. I have experience in managing large formal events, and I love the combination of being professional while at the same time remaining a friend and comfort to all those in attendance. Being happily married myself has deepened my understanding of the significance of choosing a life partner, and a wedding is the event that celebrates that momentous choice. To witness such a special day and assist in creating an environment that extends the joy of the couple to their loved ones is an honor for me — I especially love the moment when the vows are exchanged and the marriage is official. I look forward to having many more opportunities to carry out such exciting work with such a devoted team!